Written By: Jennifer Schenkel


“Who so softly can bind up the wound of another as he who has suffered the same wound himself.” ~Thomas Jefferson
Monthly meetings held the third Saturday of each month @ 10:30 am allowing parents to meet others who understand the unique challenges & rewards of raising a child with special needs. You are not alone! There are others who understand the complexities of your life…together we can find courage to persevere, while embracing the gift of our children.

RSVP for on-site child care provided for support meetings: jennifer@hearts4autism.org

Friendship Club:
A parent-led group aimed at helping our children, ages 10+ socialize; providing a sense of belonging, acceptance, and meaningful friendships. Check calendar for monthly events.

Austin’s Friendship Club (AFC) or visit AFC@ austinsfriendshipclub.com
Austin M. Schenkel - President/Founder

(p) 810-728-8669
(e) amschenkel@gmail.com

Lending Library:
Books/Resources are available to check out at meetings.
Coming soon: on-line listing of book titles.